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Government Allocates $10 Million to Enhance Infrastructure in Northern and Arctic Canada

The Minister of Transport for Canada, Pablo Rodriguez, has revealed a significant investment exceeding $10 million from the National Trade Corridors Fund to fortify the supply chain in Canada’s Northern and Arctic regions.

Six infrastructure initiatives and research endeavors aimed at addressing the transportation requirements and priorities of local communities receive funding. Rodriguez emphasized, “By reinforcing our supply chains, we can positively impact the lives of the people. The residents of the North need robust transportation infrastructure tailored to their specific needs.” He highlighted the role of these projects in enhancing the resilience of critical trade corridors in the region.

As part of the initiative, the government will allocate $1.9 million to C-CORE for a project utilizing satellite-based remote sensing to enhance the safety and cost-effectiveness of infrastructure operations in the North. This includes support for decision-making related to highways, ice roads, runways, and sea ice travel infrastructure.

The University of Alberta is set to receive up to $1.6 million for a project focusing on mapping permafrost and ground ice along the Mackenzie Valley Highway and Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway in the Northwest Territories. The project will utilize tools to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of surface and groundwater on permafrost soils and aggregate resources.

BGC Engineering Inc. will benefit from a $3.5 million investment to develop data management systems aimed at enhancing the safety, reliability, and resiliency of three key Northern transportation corridors.

The remaining funded projects will concentrate on enhancing cargo storage and distribution at Puvirnituq airport, evaluating the feasibility of constructing a deep-water wharf at Ungava Bay, and exploring the potential use of cargo airships and similar vehicles in remote Northern communities.

Jenna Sudds, the Minister of Families, Children, and Social Development in Canada, asserted, “Robust and reliable transportation infrastructure ensures that Canadians, regardless of their location, have access to essential and affordable goods.” She added that the government remains committed to investing in projects that cater to the needs of Canadian families.

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